Possibly good news?

So on Friday, I was at Wendy’s, and working the front counter, which means I clean the dining room during lulls. A girl I went to school with and worked with at Wendy’s back when we were both in school came in, and we were chatting, catching up on the last decade or so. Somehow it came out that she owns and runs some group homes.

“I have seven years of mental health case management experience,” I blurted.

“I just had to let go of three people,” she replied, and we quickly exchanged numbers. I gave her a quick rundown of my education, qualifications, and skills, and she told me about the company she works for. If I worked at a group home it would be 40 hours a week, regular shifts, and while it would only pay $8/hour, that’s still better than part-time at $7.40. She said she was going to contact someone at the company though, to see if they need anyone with a Bachelor’s degree. Any and all training is paid and covered by the company, and I was seriously beside myself all day. I haven’t heard anything from her yet, but I have her number, so if I haven’t heard from her by Wednesday I can call and follow up.

This could be a foot in the door for me, and just what I need to keep rebuilding my life. We’ll see.


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