So… it is really, really COLD here.

Something is desperately wrong with the heating system at Wendy’s. To the point where we have had to close the dining room and work only through the drive thru, as the building simply will not heat above about 55 degrees. When the dining room is open and the doors open constantly, the temperature continues to plummet. We have closed at 43 degrees, and later at 38. It was 32 Sunday night when they locked up, after I closed the dining room at seven because it had hit the magical 38, which is the number the general manager has chosen as the official cutoff. I would’ve chosen something a bit higher, but we are losing a LOT of business being closed- but we’re losing a lot of business being open, too, as plenty of people walk in, realize it’s roughly the same temperature as outside, and leave.

The local heating and cooling company keeps saying the furnace is fine and working, but I beg to differ. I have had to deal with people complaining about how cold the dining room is, demanding to know why it’s so cold, outright yelling at me and telling me I’m wrong and clearly the air conditioning is on and we’re just idiots, the whole gamut. All the while I stand there in four layers of clothing, still shivering and unable to feel my ears, fingers or nose, feeling about one step away from crying out of frustration and discomfort.

Nothing, NOTHING saps me faster than being physically uncomfortable for long periods of time. I do my best to stay positive and be a good worker, and I am generally on the front counter all day because I am the best at what I do, but DAMN it’s hard to do when I’m surrounded by grumpy cold people, and there’s nothing I can do.

My mom works for a heating and cooling company, too, so when all of this started up after the first polar vortex went through, I have been name-dropping in the hopes that maybe if a second company comes and checks it out, something else might get done. On Monday my manager finally broke down and asked me to get my mom’s work information for her so she could call and schedule something. I immediately called my mom, who then came in to talk with my GM on her way home, and will have someone out to inspect it and give a quote tomorrow, hopefully. Nothing is too soon. I come home in physical pain because I have been so cold for so long with no relief. My shin, which I recently obliterated slipping on ice (thankfully the opposite leg from the knee I obliterated a year and a half ago) throbs in pain because it’s too cold. I’ve taken far too many painkillers to try and keep it down to a dull roar, when it is in fact my body simply protesting the abuse. If I have to walk to work it’s even worse, as I’m coming in cold and never warming up. I have been wearing four layers of clothes and two pairs of socks, though I don’t have any leggings or long underwear I can wear under my pants to try and warm up my legs.

I really, really, REALLY hope I get that job!


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