Woo emotional rollercoaster!

So my last post was pretty damn angsty, and I was feeling so frustrated and hurt and tired that it sapped all of my strength for a while. Things just weren’t going so well.

Monday morning, I planned to call about the job I’d interviewed for on the 5th, as I hadn’t heard anything yet, positive or negative. I also planned to call my Toyota dealership in Cincinnati because I’d been sent an email about jobs available there, and there was an internet sales position available that I was sort of hoping might be a remote one. I realized I hadn’t written down the name and number of the guy I was supposed to call, so I hopped online to check my gmail. Now, ever since I lost my job, I have joined every single job site that I think exists, and I get emails from these places daily based on various keywords I have set up. I still have case manager set as a keyword, despite it being a mostly useless one here in Michigan. Except… there was a job listing for a case manager at an agency in Lansing, and it didn’t require a license. Just a bachelor’s, though they are looking for people with more than that. I had to get to work, but I applied for the job as soon as I got home on Monday.

When I checked my voicemail on Tuesday during my lunch break, I discovered that I had a message from that agency, asking me for an interview. I called and made contact, and we discussed the job. It’s part time, only 16 hours/week right now, but they hope it will go up as they get more clients. She told me that they would like people who are licensed and have their master’s degrees, but it isn’t a requirement, and my six years of experience was definitely indicative that I’d be a good fit. We scheduled an interview for Thursday morning at 11:30, which was the earliest she had available, as I have to work at 3:20. So now I’m sitting here, mentally preparing myself for another interview. Two in one month is amazing. This hasn’t happened in quite literally a year.

I also finally got into contact with the guy at the Toyota dealership after playing phone tag for three days. One of his voicemails said that I got points for tenacity, which amused me greatly. Unfortunately, the job is not remote, but he said to come in the next time I’m in Cincinnati, as he is very interested in speaking with me, based on my work history. As the dealership doesn’t have the sort of turnover that other sales jobs tend to have, I was heartened to hear that. If I can get back to Cincinnati by some dark magic, at least I’ve got one potential job lead.

Right now, though, maybe things are finally coming together for being here in Michigan. I am pursuing the ASL route for now, as it is less schooling and I think would me more immediately useful, job wise, than the three to four years a master’s degree will take me to complete. If I could get both mental health jobs, I would be happy with that for the time being, especially as getting my foot in the door in either place could hopefully lead to full-time employment down the road. Even one or the other would be an improvement over just working part time at Wendy’s. And so long as my schedule was concrete, my manager at Wendy’s is happy to work around it.

Maybe, just maybe, things will go right after all.


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