Good news!

So I finally, finally, FINALLY have something full time that is professional as well!

I started working at a case manager at a behavioral treatment residential program, 16 hours a week, at the end of March. Last week, during a meeting, I said I’d be happy to become an activities driver, and anything else that we might need. By the end of the day, several other jobs had been located, so I was able to put in my two-week notice at Wendy’s last Thursday. As of May 4th, I’ll be working full time at my new agency. It won’t all be at the same pay rate, but anything is better than minimum wage and standing all day!

I’m so excited. I’m finally getting back to some semblance of a real life… Mom and I sat down and did a budget, and I’ll be pretty much caught up on debt other than student loans by September. After that, I should be able to get into my own place, get Chihiro back… it’ll be wonderful.


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