So… antibiotics.

I have some sort of upper respiratory/sinus/ear infection going on. I have antibiotics that I swear are 2/3 the size of my pinkie finger, they’re MASSIVE. Thankfully they’re only twice a day. I feel like crap, and ended up missing work at my new agency Thursday, but my nephew had eye surgery yesterday to correct his cross-eyed-ness, so I don’t dare be sick around him while he’s recovering. It’s weird as hell for both of his eyes to be looking right at you, that’s for sure.

I’m down to the last six days at Wendy’s, three this weekend, and three next weekend. I spend two hours lost in Lansing on Monday trying to find my CPR class, so I get to try again this coming Monday. So at least I will make up most of the money from missing work today. I really didn’t want to have a sick day so soon, but it was a necessary evil. I spent most of the day asleep, and am planning to crash after dinner. Hopefully the antibiotics will do their job and I’ll feel decent for work Friday, which is thankfully just a five hour shift. The doctor wrote me a script for prescription Motrin but I don’t think I need it. I held on to it just in case, of course, but so far ibuprofen and acetaminophen seem to be doing the trick. I definitely need to take some more, though, because everything aches. Blegh. I also need to get busy actually getting insurance set up now that I can afford it, because I had to go to the ER, as I knew they’d work with me based on my income, versus an urgent care. Thankfully, the hospital has a minor emergency unit now, so I wasn’t in the way of anyone who actually was super sick, and I was actually in and out in less than an hour. In all my years of going to the ER with people, and various emergencies of my own? I’ve never been in and out that fast unless I was simply dropping someone off.


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