Coping Skills

I have as of late discovered the wonder and joy that is multi-hour tracks of spa, meditation, sleep, etc music. I have youtube open at work and at home with one of these tracks loaded, and I listen to it when I’m having trouble focusing at work, or to help me wind down for sleeping at night. It has made a HUGE difference in my sleep cycle. I wish there was a way I could listen to headphones at night- I couldn’t play it due to the fan and A/C running, I can barely hear my white noise machine over the A/C. These are all so peaceful and I find a new one every so often. I’m listening to one right now, actually. It blocks out the A/C and helps my mind quiet down so I can meditate or concentrate.

The new case manager at work has officially taken over, and I’m just the community integration coordinator. It feels really weird to be giving away tasks that defined who I am for SO LONG. My professional identity has been as a case manager for my entire professional life (other than that year and some that I was unemployed/working at Wendy’s) so it’s a bit scary to take this new step. I love the CIC work, though, and had been struggling to juggle it all, and tended to favor the CIC stuff versus the more involved case management work. Now I get to focus on running meaningful groups, planning fun events, doing things on campus like gardening, volunteering in the community… SO MUCH GOOD STUFF. The more I can get people engaged, even if it’s just in one group or activity a week more, can help so much.

Still feels a little… empty, almost. I’m sure I’ll get used to it, but it’s just… weird, to be closing a chapter in my life like this.


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